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I kinda want to clone some Pokemon, but is that bad for my Pokemon Moon save file? Can it mess up my game? Can it mess up my system? Also, will I get banned if I use them? I need answers and tips. thanks.

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It depends on the method you use for cloning.
whats the best method?
Bulbapedia doesn't have any cloning methods listed for Gen 7, so there's probably not a known method for cloning Pokémon without third-party software in SMUSUM.
This question asks a bit more than the one above. I'll change the title in this one a tiny bit so it looks a bit better. Thanks for the flag.
You can use tools to clone your pokémon, I think the other cloning glitches have been patched..
And no it will not get you banned as the pokémon still count as legit (if done correctly)
Glitches in general might damage your game/file so it's safer to use special tools for that. If you don't have any of those, you can ask a friend who does!

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in S/M because of the lack of cloning methods I'll assume this is either by PKSM/PKHeX or other similar software. If the Pokemon you clone is legal, then it will be fine. Cloning Pokemon cant get you banned, but illegitimate 3ds software can.