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Gender: Female
Country: Pokemon world
Favorite Pokémon: Ghost types. Mimikyu. Liepard. Eeveeloutions. Phantump. Lopunny. Swirlix. Slurpuff. Tsareena. Goodra. Rowlet. Mareanie. Delphox. Braixen. Noivern. Mismagius. (And like tons others)
Friend Codes: For the New 2DS: 3540 - 5809 - 9279

I have Pokemon Moon and Y.
About me: I like ghost types, they are misunderstood. They Are also super cute :3

I've been playing Pokemon for about 3 years.


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What was your old account?
Jun 24 by Jimmy⠀
I like the Eeveelutions, too. :D
May 6 by Jay the ꞰꓯωꓯÏ ꓱǝʌeE
Hi, welcome. :P

You might want to contact a mod/editor about forgetting your password. It is against the rules to make dupe accounts on here, but the mods understand if you can't use you other account. :P
May 6 by Staka~