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Member for: 1 year (since May 6, 2019)
Type: Registered user
Gender: Female, last time I checked.
Country: Country:
Favorite Pokémon: I like most Pokemon, especially ghost and fairy types.
Friend Codes: For the New 2DS: 3540 - 5809 - 9279
leave your code on my wall if you want to add me.
About me: Hi. People on here call me Hex, but you can call me whatever you like.

I have Pokemon Moon and Y. I like to trade, so if you want to trade with me all you have to do is ask.

[] Very active

[x] Occasionally active

[] Not very active

[] No longer active

last updated: 2/21/20

If you want to talk to me privately, then you can ask for my email on my wall. Other than that my Instagram is @x.peach.tea.x so you can message me on that too.

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Aug 16 by SeeYaLater!
When you're so inactive you haven't changed your status to "no longer active"
Jul 1 by Mega-Blade X
No Longer Active ™

Jun 10 by ItsYaBoiFlareon
No longer active tm 2
Jun 3 by NebbyY
No longer active tm
May 1 by PX ™
Im not sure if you are Quen but if you are then i have a message: you have to refriend me in acnl because I started over.
Apr 17 by KaatRootje18
Because I have you as a friend on my 3ds and I see you playing acnl but I can't join your town.
Apr 15 by KaatRootje18
Do you also play acnl?
Apr 15 by KaatRootje18
Mar 24 by ItsYaBoiFlareon
Hex, if you're reading this, I wanna tell you how you can talk to me on Showdown!.

On the main page with the Battle! button and the chat rooms and stuff, there's a button that shows how many users are online. Click on it, and then you can enter my name (Flowersun) into it. If I'm offline, there'll be "(offline)" in red letters on my little, uh... I dunno what to call it, profile? Anyway, there'll be three things you can click on: "Challenge" "Chat" and "...". Challenge is to challenge me to a battle, Chat is where you can talk to me, and ... is where you can do stuff like Ignore me, but I doubt you care about that. So, yeah, just click Chat and you can talk to me, because I miss chatting with you, and I think you're getting off here forever, and Pokemon Database and Pokemon Showdown! are the only ways we can contact each other.

So... yeah. If you're reading this, please contact me sometime. I'm on there A LOT, so you'll probably be able to find me quickly. I miss you!
Mar 7 by Glazio Kawaii