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Dear -Hex-maniac-

I have formed a "club" called the Dork Club/Birds Of A Feather Club. It's not really a club, it's just a thing I decided to do. Basically, if you decide to join, I write your name down on my About Me section and... that's it really! Not much, just something I decided to do because it sounded cool. I guess you could say: "Hey, I'm a member of the Dork Club/Birds Of A Feather Club!". I don't know why you would wanna say that, but you could! XD

If you accept, you'll be written down. Also, I'll probably say something about you joining to someone. Like my mom. XD

And if say you don't wanna join, that's fine as well. And there's no rush or anything, so don't worry about that. It'd be pretty cool if you joined though. Also, if you joined the club and then wanted to leave, that's also fine, and I would remove your name from the list.

Tell me what you think sometime! (You can post your response on my Wall)

Sincerely, Flowersun
1 day ago by Flowersun
I scrolled through (or maybe fangirled through) Gladion's Bulbapedia page yesterday, and here's the highlights:

I learned that, in the manga, Plumeria got ticked off by Gladion's negative attitude, which is hilarious!

I again saw what Gladion looked like as a really young kid. He looked kinda weird!

There's a picture from the Pokemon Masters trailer thingy that has Lillie, Gladion, and Lusamine in it. Lillie looked determined and excited, Lusamine looked like... uh... Lusamine, and Gladion looked like he just didn't wanna be there. The look on his face... it's classic! Who can relate to that look?

Gladion looks really good in the manga, according to me. Like, accurate good. He looks like himself. And he looks cute. ...Where was I going with that?

Eddy Lee, Gladion's english voice actor for the Anime, nailed it. To me, Gladion's voice is exactly what you'd expect it to be. Good job, buddy.

Gladion's Chinese names are absolutely crazy.

And in the Anime, Gladion's Type: Null evolved into a Silvally to save Lillie.

I love you, Bulbapedia. XD
2 days ago by Flowersun
Mr. Mime is a MASSIVE creep! I almost DIED when I found out that Mr. Mime was getting the Fairy Type! When I saw that, I was sure the Fairy Type was RUINED. It's not. But why, in the TCG, do they have to make Fairy an extension of Psychic or something?! That's so lame!
2 days ago by Flowersun
Okay we are the same person bye
2 days ago by SeeYaLater!
Hey, Hex! I wrote down the lyrics of the Star Trek: Enterprise intro song thingy on my Wall! It's very inspirational. Maybe it'll help with your depression! Or something! I dunno! XD
3 days ago by Flowersun
I had NOT expected it! XD
3 days ago by Flowersun
Oh boy, I flipped when I found out it was female with a Hidden Ability! XD
3 days ago by Flowersun
Isn't it crazy that I caught a female Shiny Hidden Ability Eevee? I don't know what the odds are. I know that they're not in my favor though! I Master Balled her. XD
3 days ago by Flowersun
Hi, Hex! What's up?
4 days ago by Flowersun
noddles. if you know, you know.
5 days ago by -Hex-maniac-