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See this

This is only a theory and I would like to know if it would work or not

Having a friend with X or Y and a 3ds to use, On the one with the Pokemon to clone take the 3ds's SD card put in a computer and click all the top options, when you find the backup save file (that's what it is right?) copy it to your computer. Trade the Pokemon you want to clone to the other 3ds (possibly multiple if this works :D) then switch off the 3ds that traded the Pokemon and put your SD card back into your computer and replace the new file with the old (before the trade happened) And when you turn on the 3ds and open the Pokemon version and you should have the Pokemon that were on the game BEFORE the trades therefor you have cloned, right?

Would this work?
What are possible consequences to what I am doing?
Am I compleatly wrong about it being a backup file?

If you do not know what I mean about the file and the backup file (there both the same thing) See the video, when he goes on his computer he will step by step you through to the file. And obviously not online, game sync will destroy this.

That's a neat thought. I don't see any fault in it, but I probably wouldn't know.
I tried it, but no luck
It works, i tried this myself many times
Be sure to answer all the question fully and as an answer and BA is yours!
I can try
I can basicaly reditribute my downloaded Pokémon X if I put the SD card onto my computer, copy/paste all the information in a folder, insert a blank SD card and copy/paste again. Voila!

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It works but .....

remeber this is a glitch so it might not always work, just retry like 3-2 times and it should work.

Make sure you take the right file when you put it in the SD card.

Well thats I gotta say really other then that I dont know

Source: use this myself

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Possibly... i don't really know, i haven't used this in a while and will not for a while longer... probably just keep in mind the game might have bad effects if you put a hacked game on pokebank.
Also pokebank can't see a hack if it was 2 feet in front of it yelling "HAX R ME!"
It can only see a hack when it yells "I am a hack cos my stats are 999 each!"
Even then that's a stretch
You too aren't hackers are you?  Pokebank has gotten smarter, they check memories, caught at and other specific data now. Hax arn't as easy to pass through anymore.