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I need a bunch(about 3-4) Leftovers and I need to know if cloning is fast enough to do that.

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Arrange trades in the chat room or on walls, keeps things clean. :)

Cloning is not a good way to obtain anything. Try a legitimate way! You can arrange with someone to trade in the chat room or forums or you can get them using a DS and games like Black or Black 2 and trade Pokemon with leftovers as held items to your X and Y.

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Yes it is.

The are only 3 ways to get more of the items you buy in the Battle Maison:
1. Battle a bunch in the Battle Maison to get Battle Points.
2. Cloning.
3. Trading.

As we all know, farming points in the Battle Maison takes quite a while and most people arent generous enough to simply give you battle items, so cloning is definitely the better option.

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