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Now that flying gems aren't obtainable...

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Red Card or Focus Sash are the main ideas. Red Card is more reliable in that Sash might not activate, but Card always will unless it's a OHKO.

Sitrus Berry is also viable, but it's not reliable like it is with Azumarill & Slurpuff using Belly Drum.

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Lum Berry for physical attackers, works well vs Rotom-W I find.
Yea Lum Berry isn't a bad option, but not good for Talonflame in that case (since it's fire type). Red Card does give Pokemon like Hawlucha a turn to set up though.

Also I've seen people use Natural Gift on Talonflame + Berry, then proceed to use Acrobatics.
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If Flying Gem is not an option, go with Red Card or no item at all. Its honestly very difficult to find a beneficial item with a one time use when Flying Gem is not an option.

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Answered 7 hours ago with Red Card suggestion