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i have a really good idea for a strategy, but i'm not entirely sure that it would work. i would make my Archeops hold a Flying Gem, and make it use Acrobatics. i would use the Flying Gem, and it dissapears, so technically i'm not holding an item, so i get two power boosts. Would it work?

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Yes, that does work; I use the same trick on Mienshao. The Flying Gem is "consumed" before you attack, so when you attack Acrobatics has base power 55*2 which is 110, plus the Gem boost which is a total of 165.

For Archeops, it also gets STAB which brings it up to a massive 247.5 base power!!

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yes you would get boost both from the flying gem stab and double power acrobatics.
before the move is used, the flying gem activates, giving acrobatics double power and if this is on archeops, it's a stab move.

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