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If a Pokemon uses its Mega Stone, will Acrobatics do as much damage as if the Pokemon wasn't holding an item?

Can someone test this to be sure?

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Okay I'm going to clear this up since there are two opposing answers.


You do not get an extra boost as the Mega Stones are not consumed upon use. Thus you only get an extra boost if the user has no held item or the user consumes a held item such as a flying gem when acrobatics is selected.

Source: Bulbapedia

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I looked it up on Bulbapedia. Can you link me and/or quote it? :)

"Mega Stones are not consumed upon use but only one Mega Stone can be used per battle, and only once per battle".
No problem, glad to be of help :)
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No. Since the Pokemon keeps its Mega Stone after it Mega Evolves, it will still be holding an item and thus Acrobatics does not get a boost.

Got two contradicting answers...