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Flying moves cover 3 out of 5 weaknesses of greninja so I want the best move.btw I want a 4th move for coverage.

None of them.

[email protected] Orb
EVs - 252 Atk/252 Spe/4 HP
Nature - Jolly/Adamant
Ability - Protean
-Night Slash
-Rock Slide

Greninja's weaknesses don't matter because of Protean
I don't know how to get hidden abilities so it matters

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It depends on the item. If it is a disposable item or you are using fling, acrobatics is better as it gets a massive boost. If not, you should use aerial ace, unless you fear knock off and want to run acrobatics to deal with it. Bounce is bad as your opponent can switch to a resistant Pokemon while you are in the air.

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awesome tactic mate
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It really depends on what type of greninja you want! If your greninja will not be holding an item then acrobatics is your best choice, if sweeper then definitely aerial ace. Bounce s not so much a very good move with only 85 accuracy and power. BUT if you upped your attack and then used it there is an okay chance of you dealing quite a decent amount. Or use bounce as the centre of the moveset and set it up for a while by upping attack and accuracy, or use it to get away from threats like skull bash and other moves that take 2 turns!!! Hope I helped!!!

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Definitely not Bounce

It takes 2 turns. No need to risk it

Ariel Ace or Acrobatics?


Works but at the cost of a perfectly good item.

Ariel Ace

Never misses. 90 BP with STAB because of Protean. Can hold an item. But it's too weak unless the item boosts it.


If your'e running Fling go for Acrobatics because with a King's Rock the opponent will get pretty annoyed within the second turn.
If you are holding an item use Ariel Ace (preferably Flying Gem) but the item needs to power it up.
Hope I helped!
-It's a secret!
(credit to Lobster44 for the Fling+Acrobatics strategy)

No gem since it isn't available in xy
Read. Re-read. Re-read again.