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I was getting my Virizion cloned the other day, and the person was using only one 3DS. How does ths method work? I'm having no luck with the trading method, so I thought this might be easier. Thank you!

did they use a device ?
I just realised you're Astro xD
Yep xD

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QR Codes

enter image description here
If you scanned this QR code the first Pokemon in your box would be cloned.
However, his method only works with the old 1.2 3DS version.
See this video for more information


enter image description here

Plug the Powersave onto a laptop or computer and insert your cartridge and you can clone as well do another bunch of cool things.

You can buy this from Amazon and eBay. I got mine for roughly around £13.

enter image description here
Through this method you can inject Pokemon.
Personally its the most complicated method, but you can give it a shot here

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Okay, he said he had to "reinstall the updates", so I assume it was the QR code method. Thanks a mil!