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So just now I was doing Challenge Cup on PO with Giga, and I had an Accelgor that knew Feint and Mind Reader (along with Bug Bite and Bug Buzz). Now I know that under normal circumstances Feint only hits if the opponent uses Protect or Detect, but I was wondering, if I used Mind Rader on one turn, and Feint on the following turn, would Feint hit even if the Giga dodn't use Protect or Detect?

EDIT: I have just been informed that in Gen. 5 it hits without the enemy using Protect/Detect, but what would happen if this was Gen. 4? Obviously Accelgor didnt exist in Gen. 4 but something similar could

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Feint hits the opponent regardless if the opponent uses Protect or not. So yes. It would still fail if this was for Gen IV.

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