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Same move, right?

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Less PP though I thought?
Yeah but of all the pokes that can learn both protect and detect are any of them likely to pull off that move enough times?
Honestly of all pokemon that can learn protect and detect it seems like almost none of them can get away with using Detect 16 times in battle.
It's probably a design-related reason. Like how they didn't really have to make both barrage and fury attack, but a Spearow shooting eggs seems kind of weird.

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Detect's name, animation, and Pokemon that learn it by level up imply that the Pokemon foresees where moves will land (or in the case of surf, where it will sea) and then dodges the moves, instead of using a shield like what protect appears to be. The effects are almost the same, so I think the game designers just wanted to make it clear that Pokemon like Yanma are dodging attacks instead of randomly using invincible shields.
Of course, this is just a guess. The only real answer is Game Freak logic.

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There is no meaningful difference between Detect and Protect. Detect is a fighting type while Protect is a normal type and has more PP. Their effects are exactly the same, but some Pokemon may not be able to learn detect, but are able to learn protect. I think they have maken detect just to mix some things up. I hope I helped :)

Just to mix things up? I was assuming because there was like a backstory or something other than “just to mix things up”. I suppose if that’s it that’s it tho...
This is the only difference I can find:

- If the move is powered up by a Fightinium Z into Z-Detect, the user's evasion rises one stage.

- Detect can also be used as part of a Pokémon Contest combination, with the user gaining extra two appeal points if move Taunt was used in the prior turn.

Source: Bulbapedia
The question isn’t so much the difference. It’s more like what reason did they have for making another protect?
No reason, I think they just want new moves, but they can't come up with any idea's. So they change the animation/type/PP, so it looks new.