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I've seen a few people opt for Detect over Protect, but why? They're the same moves just Protect has more PP, and Detect is a Fighting type move while Protect is a Normal type move.

Cuz it’s cooler? Lol
Amazing logic. XD
I think there are a few Pokemon that can learn Detect but not Protect.  Also...  does Feint work against both moves, or just one?  And there's always the chance someone else will use Imprison, so having the off-brand version is an advantage in that case.
Yes Feint works on Protect and Detect. Also I checked every Pokemon that gets Detect also gets Protect.
Cuz it’s awesome

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Since a lot Pokemon use protect, people can use Imprision+Protect shenanigans to block your protect. Imprision+Detect however is only legal on 4 Pokemon being Alolan Marowak, Sabeleye, Zoroark, and Zorua. None of these Pokemon want to do this however making the only way of removing Detect being Taunt which you cannot do anything about.

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Oh, ok! That makes sense lol. Thanks! :)
no problem!
Don't worry about Imprision+Protect it is almost never used as most Imprison users want to block Trick Room.
Imprison + Protect + Trick Room + Heat Wave Chandelure.

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You can use it to evade Imprison, as most Pokemon carrying Imprison will have Protect, not Detect.

Another potential reason is if you're playing Hackmons. A Pokemon with Protean and Protect becomes Normal type, while a Protean + Detect Pokemon becomes Fighting type. So it can also be used if you need a way to become a Fighting type, while still having a move to protect you.

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I don't think there are any Pokemon that are viable when using detect, protean, or libero in gen 8 Hackmons.
Probably not. But the option is still there, even if it's not too good.