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More specifically Switcheroo and Trick, Detect and Protect, and Seismic Toss and Night Shade.

game freak logic
How is it logic? It doesn't make sense.
GameFreak logic=Not Logic
Just ask user Swift.
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They basically do the same thing but different Pokemon can learn them. I think alot of Pokemon can use protect but less can use detect so the latter has less PP as it is rare and a fighting type.

Hope this clears it because mostly I think it is how GAMEFREAK wanted really.

Yes but wouldn't gamefreak want the less common move to have more PP because it is rare? I appreciate the answer though.
Actually no because if something is rare you wouldn't find heaps of it would you, because it's rare.
Yeah. Which is why the move should have more PP, because it is harder to get and there should be a bigger reward from catching a pokemon that can learn it.
I wouldn't say GAMEFREAK is that rewarding but still I stand by what I have said.