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I'm not a good strategy thinker, so hopefully this will help me change my mind about protecting moves.


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My favourite is this:

Aegislash @ Leftovers

  • Swords Dance
  • King's Shield
  • Shadow Sneak
  • (Physical filler)

The best part is when Blaziken switches in. Most Blaziken use Flare Blitz, and BAM!

If you use King's Shield here, then that Blaziken gets -2 Attack! Now you can safely use Swords Dance as he'll switch, or, he can't do so much damage even otherwise :D

Then you can probably score a KO (or more) with the Aegislash, with STAB Priority.

Another is using Protect on Gliscor, while it holds a Toxic Orb.

Gliscor's ability Poison Heal restore a solid 12% of its HP if it is poisoned. So, at the beginning, if you use Protect to evade the first hit, the tox will kick in, and then you'll have reliable recovery + you won't be affected by any other Status!

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I'll add more as I remember them! :D
Okay, you have officially changed my view!
yay! i used to think of them as a waste too, but after being PWNed by Aegislash once, I've tried it on PS!, and it works WONDERS! :D Glad that I could be of help!
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Here's the reasons I can think of:

1. Scouting

Using protect can let you see how your opponent is going to move and allow you to uncover some of the moveset, so then you can make good switch-ins and fight back.

2.Speed Boosting

If you have a blaziken, sharpedo, scolipede, yanmega, or ninjask (for baton passing), use protect to get a boost!


In weather and/ or your opponent is burned/ poisoned, use protect and 0 damage to you, and they lose a bit of hp.

4. Regen

If you have leftovers, or aqua ring/ ingrain active, you can heal a bit.

5.Mega Speed Increase

If you didn't know, when you megavolve, you don't get get the mega's speed stat on the turn you mega evolve. Use protect to get get this boost (use on mega beedrill).

6.Aegislash ( King's Shield)

Use this to change form to defense form so if you use this every other turn (and you are slower than your opponent), you basically have 150 offense and defense. Also you lower attack of contacters (Blaziken is in Ubers like Aegi).

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It buys you time.

Pokemon like M-Blaziken, Yanmega, and Scolipede can use the first turn to Protect to be able to set the stage for a strategy, a potential sweep even!

M-Blaziken and Yanmega

image image

Both of these Pokemon can hit hard and both have access to Speed Boost. M-Blaziken has the Base Stat of 160 in Attack, with one turn of Protect it'll help add danger to that because of Speed Boost. Life Orb Yanmega is the same as well; with 116 Base Stat in Sp. Atk, Protect with give it the Speed to potentially sweep.



With Speed Boost and Focus Sash this Pokemon is my favorite Pivot/ Baton Passer! (Ninjask does the same but Scolipede can take more damage). Basically, use Swords Dance first turn, carefree of a OHKO, Protect next turn, then Baton Pass 2+ Stages of Speed and Attack onto a Bulky Physical Hitter and again you have the chance to sweep.

Please note if you are sashed and the opposing Pokemon has a priority move this'll fail horribly.

Some other mentionables: Aegislash's King Shield and Chesnaught's Spiky Shield


King Shield, despite being bypassed by status, is a crippler to Physical Hitting Pokemon.
In a strategy you'll give Aegislash a chance to survive in Blade Forme.

Hopefully I've Helped!

Okay, thanks!
No problem! :)