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If I got a charizard with:
maxed out sp attack+blaze on+sunnyday on+stab for flamethrower

what will be the total damage of flamethrower ?

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Damage is calculated by (S)Att AND (S)Def. But base power would be:
951.51.5*1.5 = 320.625

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And it's always rounded down so it would be 320. The rest of the formula is pretty complex you can see it here: http://www.smogon.com/dp/articles/damage_formula
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Well, that would have to depend on the pokemon you are fighting, and your Charizard's EV's.
But, Blaze will increase the attack by 1.5×
Sunny Day will increase the attack by 50%
and a STAB Flamethrower will be 142 attack.