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My Gible is EV training for attack and it just beat 5 Weepinbell all at once. Gible is holding a Power Bracer and doesn't have Pokérus, just Power Bracer. Now if I beat a horde of Weepinbell, how much Ev will Gible gain? 2 EV x 5 = 10 + 4 from Power Bracer = 14 or 2 EV + 4 from Power Bracer = 6 x 5 =30? So how much EV will I gain? 14 or 30?


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So as you mentioned your Pokemon doesn't have pokerus and is at the front of the party ev horde battling. It would gain whilst holding the power item; this for example:-

5x Weepinbell with Power item after being KO'd = 60 points a time.

Here's HOW it works:-

Weepinbell = 2 attack ev multiply by (5x because you're facing 5x weepinbell) = 2 x 5= 10 ev's earned.

Power items add 4+ ev's to a Pokemons values. For example:-\

Weepinbell = 2ev's per Pokemon - 2 x 5 = 10 but now power items add 4+ to the 2 = 2 x 4 = 6 x 10 = 60.

If your a little confused read over and over until it begins to make sense..... It's a little conufisng at first glance but helps later on.

For a list of horde battling hotspots I use this site HERE if you find it useful, add it to your fav's list on computer.

Hope I Helped!

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So what you mean is that all in all I get 30 EV's for defeating 5 Weepinbell?  Does the Power item adds 4 EVs  for every Pokémon defeated or does it add 4 EV's to the total number of EVs gained after battle?
The power bracer adds 4+ to the pokemons ev field = Weepinbell has 2attack ev's each. With power item it goes from 2 too 6 which would eventually give you the 60 without pokers or macho brace. Hope you find it useful
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The game counts pokemon when training EVs you would get 30Atk EVs. If you are unsure about which EVs you can go to Super Training (bottom screen) and see what was added. And if it's hard to find hordes you could use a Pokemon with sweet scent. Works like honey and Bulba line learns it at lv 21/23/23.

Source Haribos explaining how easy it is and EXP