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I have chain bred all the Pokemon on my team and used a hidden power calculator to manipulate the ivs to get the preferred HP type. But when I go to the checker he says that all my Pokemon in my party would have a dark type HP why is this? It totally threw me off and I'm confused now.

You calculated, but were you able to breed the correct distribution?
Example: HP Ice is odd/even/even/odd/odd/odd = 31/even/30/31/31/31.

HP Dark is all odd, so that's what you get if your Pokemon are, for example, 31 in all IV's.

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Your Pokemon seems perfectly normal. Unless your game is glitched, which it probably isn't since that rarely happens, all your Pokemon may just have odd-numbered IVs.

Hope I helped. :)

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Ooooooohhhhh I was looking at it the wrong way completely. I thought it was the amount of perfect ivs a pokemon had that determined hp type. How do I find the exact value of the ivs that aren't perfect?
Lol, yeah. The algorithm for calculating a Pokemon's Hidden Power is listed here.
You may want to use IV Calculator, which can prove useful as long as you know your Pokemon's EVs.