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• I did this in my Emerald before, but this is different in 4th gen.
What time will I need to gain happiness to my Eevee for it to evolve into Espeon / Umbreon?
Will they be the same times as Gym leaders that you are able to fight during the morning and night time?



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Eevee to Espeon - 4am to 8pm
Eevee to Umbreon - 8pm to 4am

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Hi PokemonBlack10 just a heads up, you don't need to post links when they don't add anything to the answer. The pages you linked don't say the times for evolution.
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You have to train evee and make it happy durring the day (4am-8pm) and sonner or later it evolves into an espeon. you have to go through the same process for umbreon but you have to train durring the night (8pm-4am).

Wow this did not work for me for some reason, it is currently 1:40 after midnight and I leveled up my eevee so excited to get my umbreon and got a espeon