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Normalize is an ability that changes move types into Normal. Now say that I have a Delcatty with Normalize and I am fighting a Rock/Ground Pokemon, this Delcatty has the TM Water Pulse which, as water move, deals 4x the power. What happens with Normalize, will it be super effective of 4? or not very effective 1/2 the power? also, will it gain STAB? like Water Pulse's power is 60 then 90 with stab? and what type ?



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If you were to use Normalize with a Delcatty, than use Water Pulse against a Rock/Ground type Pokemon, than yes, lt would be unaffective.
Water Pulse is normally super effective against a Rock/Ground type, but since Normalize changes it's type to a Normal Type move, lt will be unaffective.

(+) Oh, and yes, lt will gain a STAB.


So you mean it will be 6x the power? 4x for rock/ground and 2x STAB?
No, it will be 0.75 times the power.  Since normalize changes the type of water pulse to normal is is 0.5x affective against rock/ground.  But you get 1.5x STAB because water pulse is normal, so it will be 0.75 times affective.