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Well, I'm actually asking this question in order to answer another question. xD

I'm not sure if this is against the rules, but I doubt it is. :P

Anyhow, I'm trying to answer the above question, but my dilemma is that my Lumiose NPCs (you know, the people that you walk by and they interrupt your wonderful Lumiose stroll with their useless blurts) never change dialogue. I've checked most times of the day, but I've never seen them actually change dialogue. So at what time does the dialogue change?

I reset my 3DS time and date a week ago to do something (which ultimately failed ;_;) so if that affects anything, you've got that piece of info. I also hope this doesn't remain forever-unanswered because I don't want to add to the wonderful collection of unanswered, incomplete and somewhat useless questions please. :3

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I may as well answer this since this has been hidden for a month and now it's reshown so I have the chance. :P

The dialogue for Lumiose passersby that randomly say stuff when you walk past them will change when you complete the first Looker mission. Yeah, not all dialogue will change, but a few people's dialogue will change.

Hope I helped. :)
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Haha, 800th answer. :P
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Yeah, but since I BA'd myself I don't get the 20 points I'd usually get for getting BA. Don't worry. xD
Oh, I thought I might try that if I got the 20 points.
I thought this was about the sexy lines like "My Emolga wants to shock your Dedenne" that occur during dusk/sunset.
Yep. Something like the Fletchling guy.