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Ok so I jave been reading that there is a major glitch thingy. Where is it at? Im asking this because I'm getting x and the last thing I want is to be having a fun time then BOOM I save come back and I'm screwed. I know this is something thats been around for a while but I really want to know. I am aware that there is a patch for it on the eShop but I got no frickin clue whar that is since the only one ive used is a ds lite.


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Basically, the glitch you are hearing about is a error in the game which causes players who save their game in the outside areas of Lumiose City to be stuck, with all their buttons unresponsive (however, saving indoors is completely fine).

However, hopefully when you get your copy of X or Y, the patch for the glitch will come pre-installed and you should not have any problem. However, before you save in Lumiose City, it is probably best to check is it hasn't been installed previously. To do this, you must:

  1. Go to the Nintendo eShop. This is an application pre-installed on your 3/2DS that you can find on your home menu that you see when you turn the power on.
  2. The eShop should alert you that you game has an update once it is finished loading. If it does this, follow the steps it provides to update the game. If it does not give you a notification, assume that the update came pre-installed.
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I support this comment. It's 100% correct! and answering lumiose glitch. It got patched bk in January sometime 2014 and the patch has been around since.
So is the patch out for a 3ds XL? Also thx for answering. I also saw sometging where it said dont save onn the outskirts what is that?
Yes, the patch is out for every console that supports X and Y. And the outskirts means outside areas like I mentioned; basically, if you don't have the patch, never save outside because it will trigger the glitch (saving indoors like in Pokemon Centres is completely fine).
Hate to keeep you on here but do I neeed an eshop account for the patch to trigger? And also if I luckily pick up a copy of X that is 1 day oldwill it have the patch built in?
U dont need an account
I didnt have an account when i got
This happened to my cousin on his 3ds. When we switched it to mine it was fixed. I'm not quite sure why this fixed it though.