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A detailed answer please for the benefit of others!


Someone feel free to detail Bulbapedia's list :P

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let's start

north boulevard

  • lumiose gallette stand
    the lumiose gallette stand serves yummy treats for your Pokemon called lumiose gallettes. they are sold at certain times of day;3 am, 9 am, 3 pm and 9 pm. they are sold for 100 pokedollars but if you are dressed cool you get a discount of 80 pokedollars!
  • lumiose museum
    it is a big place I'm talking like BIG! 3 stories! all filled with paintings. (some paintings are from Pokemon card covers) an audio guide is 200 pokedollars, but if you are a cool cat with cool clothes, it's freeeeeee!
  • hotel richissime
    a big, 5 story hotel with 'jobs' for you. you get pokedollars for the jobs, too.
  • battle instisute
    it is just like the place in unova...nimbasa city! you know about that? it is just like that place
  • looker bureau
    looker is a spy, you see. he sheltered a homeless girl named emma, and her espurr, mimi. I am not gonna spoil the fun in this part of the game.

south boulevard

  • PR video studio
    here is the place where you can make fun 10 second videos and share them with your friends! talk to the person on the left, and he will get you started.
  • sycamore's lab
    this is where professor sycamore does his work. go there to show him your pokedex. plus, when you finish the game, you can also get pokeradar on the 2nd floor
  • coiffure clips
    this is where you can change the style of your hair or the color of your hair. the more cool cat you are, the more options available.

autumnal avenue

  • poke ball boutique
    here is the place to get a lot of different types of poke balls. go check it out for yourself!
  • juice shop
    you can buy a lot of different juices here or you can mix your own. here is a chart from bulbapedia:

Name              Effect	                              Combination
Colorful Shake	  Increases happiness	                  Any two different colored berries
Rare Soda         Increases level by 1 to 4	              1 Lansat Berry + 1 Starf Berry
Ultra Rare Soda	  Increases level by 4 to 5	              N/A
Purple Juice	  Increases HP EV by 4 to 32	          Two purple berries
Red Juice	      Increases Attack EV by 4 to 32	      Two red berries
Yellow Juice	  Increases Defense EV by 4 to 32	      Two yellow berries
Blue Juice	      Increases Special Attack EV by 4 to 32  Two blue berries
Green Juice       Increases Special Defense EV by 4 to 32 Two green berries
Pink Juice	      Increases Speed EV by 4 to 32	          Two pink berries
Perilous Soup     Resets EVs to 0	                      1 Kee Berry + 1 Maranga Berry

estival avenue

  • loto I-D centre
    this is like the place in johto, goldenrod city. the more matching digits, the more you win!
  • lumiose press
    it is where you see viola's sister, alexa. she can tell you about a place then warp you there.

vernal avenue

  • friseur furfou
    do you love furfous? today is your lucky day! friseur furfou is where you can get your furfou shaved into all sorts of patterns for an amazing low 500 pokedollars!
  • stone emporium
    you can buy evolution stones here. 3 kinds:leaf stone, fire stone, and water stone! plus, a man will sell you a mega stone for 1,000,000 pokedollars, but the more cool cat you are, the lower the price!
  • Boutique Couture
    this is cool cat land, in my eyes. things are ex-pen-sive! I don't know much, but from jan. 14 2014 through mar. 3 2014 you will be able so buy a discount coupon with pokemiles.


  • Restaurant le nah
    on south boulevard. 3,000 pokedollars, they only serve double battles. the prize is 15 tiny mushrooms. here are the trainers to battle:

  • first battle: Chef roger with pansage (lvl 10 male) and pansear (lvl 10 male)

  • second battle: Chef roger with panpour (lvl 10 male) and pansear (lvl 10 male)
  • third battle: Chef roger with pansage (lvl 10 male) with panpour (lvl 10 male)

  • restaurant le yeah
    on autumnal avenue. 15,000 pokedollars. they serve triple battles and rotation battles. the prize is 20 big mushrooms. here are the trainers:

  • first battle: Waitress Talia with mantine (lvl 31 female with king's rock), emolga (lvl 31 female with king's rock), Sigilyph (lvl 31 female with king's rock)

  • second battle: Garçon Georges with (shuckle lvl 31 male), pidgeot (lvl 31 male), dugtrio (lvl 31 male)
  • third battle: Owner Yannick with three zangoose (all lvl 31 male)
  • fourth battle: Chef Albern with simisage (lvl 31 male with liechi berry), simisear (lvl 31 male with petaya berry), simipour (lvl 31 male with salac berry)

  • Restaurant le wow
    on hibernal avenue. 100,000 pokedollars. double battles, triple battles, and rotation battles. you need to be the champion. the prize is 25 balm mushrooms. here are the trainers:

  • first battle: Owner Christophe with qwilfish (lvl 63 male), druddigon (lvl 63 male), ferrothorn (lvl 63 male)

  • second battle: Owner Christophe with audino (lvl 63 male), alomomola (lvl 63 male), amoonguss (lvl 63 male)
  • third battle: Garçon Morris with shieldon (lvl 63 male), wobbuffet (lvl 63 male), milotic (lvl 63 male)
  • fourth battle: Garçon Morris with togekiss (lvl 63 male), floatzel (lvl 63) male lucario (lvl 63 male)
  • fifth battle: Waitress Paula with chatot (lvl 63 female), exploud (lvl 63 female), aurorus (lvl 63 male)

  • sushi high roller
    near rouge plaza. you need to have started the Looker missions to get in. 500,000 pokedollars. double battles, triple battles, and rotation battles. the prize is 25 big nuggets. here are the trainers:

  • first battle: Furisode Girl Gwyneth with cherrim (lvl 65 female), ninetales (lvl 65 female), tropius (lvl 65 female)

  • second battle: Furisode Girl Cliantha with scizor (lvl 65 female), hippodown (lvl 65 female) gliscor (lvl 65 female)
  • third battle: Furisode Girl Thalassa with ludiculo (lvl 65 female), politoed (lvl 65 female), beartic (lvl 65 female)
  • fourth battle: Furisode Girl Nerissa with froslass (lvl 65 female), abomasnow (lvl 65 female), mamoswine (lvl 65 female)
  • fifth battle: Owner Kazu with slowking (lvl 65 male), bronzong (lvl 65), cofagrigus (lvl 65 male)


  • lumi cab
    tired of walking? lumi cab is just right for you! it can take you to the places in this tree:


  • South Pokémon Center
  • PR Video Studio
  • Friseur Furfrou
  • Coiffure Clips
  • Loto-ID Center
  • North Pokémon Center
  • Hotel Richissime
  • Magenta Pokémon Center


  • Gate to Route 4
  • Gate to Route 5
  • Gate to Route 13
  • Gate to Route 14
  • Gate to Route 16
  • Lumiose Station


  • Pokémon Lab
  • Lumiose Press
  • Vacant Storefront
  • Lumiose Museum
  • Battle Institute
  • Prism Tower


  • Boutique Couture
  • Herboriste
  • Stone Emporium
  • Poké Ball Boutique

Fine Dining

  • Restaurant Le Nah
  • Galette Stand
  • Juice Shoppe
  • Restaurant Le Yeah
  • Restaurant Le Wow
  • Sushi High Roller


  • Café Cyclone
  • Café Introversion
  • Café Classe
  • Café Woof
  • Café Soleil
  • Shutterbug Café
  • Café Rouleau
  • Café Gallant
  • Café Triste
  • Lysandre Café
  • Café Pokémon-Amie
  • Café Ultimo
  • Café Kizuna
  • Café Action!
  • Café Bataille
    if you are broke, then he will battle you!
  • gogoat shuttle
    tired of walking? tired of stinky car fuel? gogoat shuttle will suit you just right! ride fom east to west on each boulevard! it is fun!you'll

that is what you can do!


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A few mistakes.... I think Sushi High Roller needs you to complete Looker's Quests too, and for the Lumi Cab, Vacant Storefront eventually becomes Looker Bureau.
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thank you fuzz, i did not say much about looker's story because I do not want to spoil the thrill
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If you have a shaymin, a girl next to the flower painting in the art museaum will give you the flower needed to change Shaymin's forms.
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This website tells everything you need to know about lumoise city.

Lumoise city-
It is the main city of all Kalos
There are cafes, resturants, and shops. Some of them can only be accessible if you have enough style, you can get style by doing various things in Lumoise city.
Cabs to get anywhere in Lumoise city easily, but the minimum fee is $710.
Prof. Sycamore lab'a is located at the south Blv.
Looker missions are located in Lumoise city, can only be done after you beaten the game.
The museum has Pokemon art
The train station will take you to Kiloude city, only when you have a pass given to you by Prof. Sycamore after you have beaten the game.

More info at bulbpedpedia.

Hope I helped!