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There is a man in Lumoise city that is in the second floor of a building. He has blonde hair and a white shirt. I have quite a bit of style, and he still says, "Wh-what? I haven't fallen in love with you.". Maybe he might like you when you get max. style?
The building is on the south boulevard, across from cafe introversion (red).

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All it's missing is him saying "Baka!"
Leafseryyx I see what you did there ._.
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Maybe he's g-
I feel really stupid for not knowing what 'zo-' or 'g-' is.
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The guy that has been mentioned by you cannot love you for whatever reason.

I've tried doing it by buying all attires, maxing out style and whatnot, apparently this guy doesn't care at all. He just kinda stays there to troll you or something for all you know.

Hope I helped!

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I shall now call them Freak game XD
JK I would never
So thay's the reason they're so called TrollFreak o.o