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The lady keeps kicking me out because I don't have swag (style).

Lol, no swag.
Wait, what?
Lol the swag part was a joke, but in all seriousness, the lady in the store comes up to me once I walk in the store and forces me to leave.
I tried and it didn't work for me either
Boutique Couture.
Maybe you need to buy all the clothing in the game?

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It all works with a hidden point system, which determines how 'stylish' you are.
All over Lumiose, you can do certain things like battle trainers in restaurants, help the hotel, use the cab etc. Everything you do there (even just visiting the buildings) makes you more stylish. As soon as you did enough things to become stylish, the girl will let you in.

Also, these style points give you other benefits such as a decreased price in the mega evolution stones.

This picture (probably the offcial Pokemon X and Y guide) shows basically everything you can do to get stylish:

enter image description here

Source: http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/135560/clothing-store-access-in-pokemon-x-y

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I got in using this outfit(as a girl):

Fedora (green) [beige/orange]
Short Parka (pink) [blue]
Accented Jeans (lime green) [blue]
Knee Socks (green) [brown]
High Tops (pink) [blue]
Tote Bag (pink) [beige/orange]
Artificial Flower Pin (pink) [brown]

Green Contact Lenses (Get the Lense Case from a girl in the PR studio after you make a PR video)

And my hair was:
Dark Brown
Bangs (This used to say sideswept, but I wrote it down wrong)

I also did the front of my hair "separately" but I kept it the same color. I'm not sure if it matters, but if you do all of this and don't get to go in, definitely do the front of your hair separately.

For guys, Follow the category color (shown above in []) to hopefully find the equivalent (I don't know if it will work or not, but it's worth a shot). What I mean by category color is the color rectangle the piece of clothing is shown in when you are buying it or in a changing room.

For your contact lenses, change them to a dominant color in your outfit.

PS: The clothes in there are crazy expensive so if you haven't started using the amulet coin, get on it!

I'm a girl, and I had that same hair. I'm trying again and again
Hmm... Try Medium hair, (honey or black maybe), and sideswept front. Maybe I spaced and didn't write down the correct hairstyle....
I'll figure it out
Sorry, I wish I could be of more help! When you find the hairstyle that works, please post it here and I'll revise my answer with credit to you for the hairstyle.
Okay, I think I got the hairstyle now: Medium, brown, bangs. Just add bangs to your current style and see if it works.
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Try going into every single building in Lumoise City. Thats how I got in, and I was wearing the default clothing.