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how do you get to iccirrus city ive beeten skyla and ive went to relic castle what do I do?

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You can't get to Icirrus City until you defeated the Elite 4. After you have, then you can get to Icirrus City either by

  • going through Twist Mountain
  • going west of Opelucid City through Route 9
  • Tubeline Bridge
  • Route 8

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You can only reach Icirrus city after beating the Elite 4. You can reach it by either going through Twist Mountain or from Opelucid City by going through Route 9, then the Tubeline Brigde, and then Route 8. After beating Skyla, go to the Mistralton Cargo Service and speak to Skyla. Then, she'll bring you to Lentimas Town and so on.