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Ive been trying to get to the gym leader in saffron city gym.

does anybody know how to get to sabrina(gym leader)

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(vermlion city) You have to find two switches underneath the trash cans. find the the first switch, but if you incorrectly guessed the second one, the electric doors would reset.

(sabrina)1. Take the only warp square.
2. Take the bottom-left warp square.
3. Take the bottom-left warp square again.
4. Take the top-right warp square.
5. Take the bottom-left warp square.
6. You should be in the gym leader's room

Salamance probably meant how to get to gym
Then check out my answer; it has everything!!
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Http://pokemondb.net/maps/saffron-gym if you are having problems in the gym, the gym is LOCATED at the top of the city, then go right, but don't mistake the wooden building for the gym, that is the old one!!!