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I would just like to know if people have ideas for good Pokémon for post game purposes. This may include Pokémon that are good for breeding, catching, battling at the restaurants, etc. Thanks to anyone who takes time to answer!

You can get a Volcarona to hatch eggs as it can learn fly and it has Flame Body.
Yeah sid13, just like Talonflame.  Thanks for the comment! :)
Pangoro got Scrappy as an ability that makes it hit Ghost types with Normal/Fighting so you can False swipe agai st ghost
Gallade - Thunder Wave, False Swipe, Heal Pulse

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Decided to add a few more.

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Dedenne/ Pachirisu
Ability: Pick Up
- Discharge
- Thunder Wave
- (2 filler moves)

Dedenne/ Pachirisu is a good option to carry around in your party if you want something with Pickup in order to get random difficult items (PP Up, Leftevers etc.). Since they also learn Discharge, it means they're solid horde battlers as well.

Bisharp (Pierce)
Ability: Defiant
- False Swipe
- Thunder Wave
- Poison Jab
- Rock Smash/ Power-up Punch

Great False Swipe user and also great for shiny chaining if you're into that. Part steel typing means it's easy to train on most routes due to being resistant to so many things. Also comes in a trade at level 50, so it's even easier to raise.

Ability: Cute Charm

Really good for hunting for opposite gender Pokemon, especially in Friend Safaris with starters/ other Eevees.

Ability: Suction Cups
- Thief
- Thunderbolt
- (2 filler moves)

Great chain fishing Pokemon, because not only does it have Suction Cups to increase bites but also access to Thief to steal Heart Scales and Thunderbolt for super effective damage.

Ability: (whatever)
- Rock Slide
- Earthquake
- Fly
- (filler move)

Good, solid horde battler with 2 moves that can hit all 5 Pokemon and access to Fly as an added bonus.

Thanks for the answer!  I'm not going to select it because it wouldn't be fair imo.
Update: my Pachirisu picked up a lefties for me.
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I can add some more good "utility" (non competitive) Pokemon for the postgame.

Abra line, Ralts line: Synchronize for catching wild/safari Pokemon of specific natures.

Gardevoir line: Trace for hunting Hidden Ability Pokemon in safaris and single battles. Role Play move for hunting Hidden Ability Pokemon in horde battles.

Anything with Compound Eyes (like Galvantula), combined with anything with Frisk and Thief (like Noivern): To farm items like Heart Scales.

Gallade: False Swipe user that can learn a sleep move at the same time. (Hint: Level up Kirlia to 50 before evolving to get Hypnosis.)

Pangoro: With the Scrappy ability, you can finally False Swipe on those ghost types!

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I know of 3 good ones. Venusaur, Absol and Talonflame.

Venusaur: can learn Sweet Scent and Petal Blizzard. Good for horde EV training.

Absol: can learn False Swipe, Thunder Wave and Thief. Good for catching Pokemon or stealing their items.

Talonflame: can learn Fly and has the ability Flame Body. Good for hatching eggs quicker and being able to fly places(such as the IV judge and the Hidden Power checker).

Special thanks to DemonFlygawne for suggesting these Pokemon quite some time ago.

Essie what about pokes in restaurants?
You can use any pokemon for the restaurants. As long as they're a high level.
Ampharos and Manectric with Minus Plus is good