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Is there any kind of pattern to the encounter locations for legendary Pokémon during the after-game in XY? Ex.: Rte 7, then Rte 17, then 22, etc.

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Are you talking about the Legendary roaming birds?
Yes, exactly. Thanks
These is one method. Being unable to predict the next route the bird will go on you should fly to that City in the middle and take a taxi to the route the bird is on. If the bird isn’t on any of the 5 routes, use fly again in the city and it will reset the birds position.
Also this question is terribly named and taged.
Thanks to Jay the kewel eevee and falsebenguy2211. As for the tags and name, I should have put post-game and those were the only tags that existed. I guess you can't make up your own or something. Thank you both though.

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The wild bird Pokémon of Kalos have no clear pattern however there is a method I mentioned in the comment above to find them more easily. They will reside in a final area that shows up on the Pokédex.

As for the other legendaries they don’t need to be found 11 times(or even twice):

Mewtwo can be found sitting in the Unknown Dungeon (Requires surf) in the Pokémon Village.

Zygarde can be found in terminus cave. Lowest floor.

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I forgot to include in my question, but I was also wondering if I had to just walk around continuously for a random encounter or will my first encounter in the correct location be the flying legendary? I hope that makes sense. Thanks again.
After you track it with the Pokédex and get on the same route. You will need to walk around for a few encounters. However if you really want to skip it you can use Repels and a Pokémon in the front of your team over level 50 but under level 65.
Excellent advice! I'll definitely be trying that little trick out.
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Under normal circumstances, the cave is completely empty, having no wild Pokémon encounters. However, during the post-game, after the player has encountered one of the Legendary birds 11 times (the first encounter is automatically the first post-game wild Pokémon encounter, unless the Poké Radar is used), it will retreat to this cave where the player can then battle and catch it.

But you didn’t mention Mewtwo or Zygarde.