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So, I don't know exactly how RSE post-game works, since I've never beaten one, and now that I have, I want to know how to get Rayquaza, is it in the same place as the ORAS one, and do you have to do anything before getting him, also, is there any way to track down the Lati Twins, and do they only appear once? Also, are there any moves that prevent escape or something, I need help.

I know about most of the post game stuff I'm too lazy to do them all though
Also rayquaza is in the sky pillar like in oras
I know, but where is it, and do you have to do anything before going there?
In E only, you get the nat pokedex. In RSE, you start being able to get latios/as. You surf north of pacidflog town, go inside the spear pillar. You need the mach bike to get to rayquaza
Gotcha, and what about my other questions about the Lati Twins?
I just tried going north of Pacifidlog, and it's a Mountain with no entrance. I have seen the TV, so there must be something I have to do first.
I found it, but now I'm stuck with one of the cracked floor puzzles.
Can anyone tell me how to solve the Cracked Floor Puzzles in Sky Pillar, and answers to some of the questions I asked in the description?

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Ruby and Sapphire post game stuff

Sky Pillar
Sky Pillar, located on route 131, is home to a level 70 Rayquaza (note that you can get Rayquaza before the League in Emerald). However,reaching the top is tricky because of the cracked floor, so you will need a mach bike.
First floor: normal
Second floor:

This floor shouldn't be too hard

*Third floor:

Basically nothing, just where you land.

*Fourth floor:

This is where things get tricky. You'll want to be careful, but make sure to keep going fast. It may take a couple tries but you will get there.

*Fifth floor: normal

Lati twins

After defeating the champion, Latios(R) and Latias(S) will be roaming around the region. In Emerald, there is a report, and the Lati that roams is based off of the color you pick.

Battle tower(RS), Battle frontier(E), and S.S. Tidal
After beating the champion, you will receive a S.S. Ticket to board the S.S. Tidal. When going to the Battle Tower (RS), there will be various trainers you can battle and items you can find. In Emerald, you can go to the Battle Frontier, which has the Battle Tower, Battle Arena, Battle Factory, Battle Pike, Battle Dome, Battle Palace and Battle Pyramid, each with have a Frontier Brain. There are also move tutors, Artisan Cave, trades, and Sudowoodo.

Trainer Hill(E)
Located on route 111, north of Mauville, it will be open after entering the hall of fame. It has plenty of trainers to fight, and rare prize items.

Trick House
The final puzzle is unlocked after defeating the champion. The prize is Red tent(R), Blue tent(S), or both for Emerald. These are for your secret base.

Safari Zone(E)
In Emerald, there is an add on to the Safari Zone which has some rare Pokemon.

Other Fossil(E)
In the back of the Fossil Maniac's place, there is a cave which has Ditto and the Fossil you didn't already get.

Steven and Wally(E)
In a room in Meteor Falls, you can battle Steven (since Wallace is the champion in Emerald) You can also battle Wally at the end of Victory Road.

Gym Leader rematches(E)
Using the Pokenav, you can have rematches with the gym leaders.

Groudon and Kyogre(E)
Groudon and Kyogre can be found in the Terra (Groudon) and Marine (Kyogre) caves. Talk to a person at the Weather Institute to know which routes the caves are on. The caves randomly appear and disappear, and only one can be present at a time.

Pokedex Update and Johto starters (E)
After doing the hall of fame, your Pokedex gets updated to the national dex, and after getting all 200 non-mythical Pokemon from the Hoenn dex, you get the choice of one of the Johto starters.

Altering cave
After going into the hall of fame, Altering cave will be on route 103.

Special phrases
You can get the phrases CONTEST, SUPER, LATIOS, and LATIAS after you go through the hall of fame and see Latios and Latias. These phrases can help with getting rare berries from the Berry Master's wife.

Source: Bulbapedia and experience. Let me know if I missed anything or if anything is wrong. Hope this helped.

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"I need help with the 2nd floor.". I said this a while ago, and you haven't edited it to give specifics, does it not have them?
You just need to go down to the very bottom, dash to the left, go up, right to avoid the two upper hazards, and up. Like I said it may be a bit tricky but you should get there eventually. Also, make sure that you have enough speed or you will fall.
I know, but every time I change direction, my speed resets, and there aren't enough spaces to speed up in the going to the right part.
Your speed should reset only when you bump into something, not when you change direction.
Ah, this could be it, I'll try it and see if that was the problem.