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Pls tell all the postleague events or things we can do in the following games:-
Omega ruby/alpha sapphire
Sun /moon
Ultrasun /ultramoon
You may catogrisiyour answer for easy and short answer but please mention all the postleauge things


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This will not be including anything that is purely for collectors (eg: pokedex, ev training and battling, shiny hunting, etc). I'm also gonna put catching legendaries and gym leader rematches as they're in all of these games

Ruby and Sapphire: Battle tower
Emerald: Battle Frontier
Fire Red and Leaf Green: Sevi Islands
Diamond and Pearl: Battle tower
Platinum: Battle frontier, the survival area and gym leader rematches
Heartgold And Soulsilver: Everything in Kanto and the Battle Frontier
Black and white: The right half of the region and find the seven sages (the battle subway can be accessed before the postgame, but some of the cares are postgame exclusives)
Black 2 and White 2: Various areas are unlocked, the Black Tower/White Treehollow (the PWT is accessible before the postgame)
X and Y: Battle Maison and looker missions
Omega Ruby and Alpha Saphire: That big island with the Battle Maison and the delta episode
Sun and Moon: Catching the Ultra Beasts and the Battle Tree.
Ultra sun and Ultra Moon: Battle tree, catching the Ultra Beasts, do the Zygarde thing where you get the key stone and the Rainbow Rocket sidequest
Sword and Shield*: Stopping Sordword and Shieldbert

*this does not include the dlc, as I think you'll be able to access it before the postgame. Once it fully releases and we know if it's postgame, I'll update this.

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You forgot the team galactic stuff on mt. stark (I know it’s in platinum but I don’t know if it’s in diamond and pearl) and the battle tower in sword and shield. That’s all that I could pick out but there might be more.
This answer is definitely incomplete. https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/269825 lists all post-game features for Emerald only, and it's half as long as this answer. Also there are no gym leader rematches in RS.
its sort of vague, but it delivers his point. Thats sort of like the question right?