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I want to know about legendary Pokemon, Ultra Beasts, and any missions that come after defeating the Pokemon League and becoming Champion.


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  1. You can capture Solgaleo
  2. You can capture the four Tapus, as well as get Tapunium-Z
  3. Post game area at Poni island inaccessible earlier- Many new trainers and Pokemon.
  4. Battle Red and Blue near the Battle Tree
  5. Unlock the IV checker near the Battle tree
  6. Battle for points at the Battle tree
  7. Meet the trial captains, and do what they ask you to. You get stuff like the starters Z- crystals and other things.
  8. Collect the Zygarde cells around the island and reform Zygarde.
  9. Talk to Professor Kukui and Hala, and go around the region to capture Ultra Beasts and Necrozma. Take care you get to catch them only once or twice each unlike the Ultra games, so check each Pokemon's stats.
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Anything else you need to know?
Aren't there more collectibles, like the Zygarde Cells and Totem Stickers? And by 'last island', do you mean Poni Island? Oh, and isn't Team Rainbow Rocket an Ultra Sun thing? Please note that I only want the post-game quests for Sun right now.
Sorry for being late, edited.
I know totem stickers were only in USUM, and I'm pretty sure the same applies to catching Pkkemon in the ultra wormhole.
I'm an idiot, I keep forgetting what is in which game.