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I want to know about legendary Pokemon, Ultra Beasts, and any missions that come after defeating the Pokemon League and becoming Champion.


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  1. You can capture Solgaleo
  2. You can capture the four Tapus, as well as get Tapunium-Z
  3. Take down Team Rainbow Rocket at the Festival Plaza and Aether Foundation.
  4. Post game area at the last island- Many new trainers and Pokemon.
  5. Battle Red and Blue near the Battle Tree
  6. Unlock the IV checker near the Battle tree
  7. Battle for points at the Battle tree
  8. Meet the trial captains, and do what they ask you to. You get stuff like the starters Z- and other things.

You can capture all the UBs, Necrozma and Legendaries (Box art and side Legendaries of each game) in the Ultra Wormhole, but it isn't post-game content. You can do it at anytime.

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