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What is the point if you can't get the other ones, and you get the one you have in game, the only thing I can think of is if you got all three by resetting at the beginning, Did I miss my chance to have all three starter unique Z moves, or is there another use for them? Thanks, and sorry if this question sounds a bit stupid, I just don't want to realize that the other two Z crystals are basically useless, and if they are, that stinks.


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You can trade for the other starters, they aren't inaccessible. You won't be locked out of a Z-Crystal just because you didn't choose a specific Pokemon at the start of the game.

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But I cannot trade because my DS's are broken, the only games I can trade with are Gen 6 games. It won't let me trade because of internet problems on my 3DSes
Just because you can't trade, that doesn't mean Game Freak says "Well, one kid can't trade, looks like we're not distributing the other Z-Crystals."
I'm not saying that, I just wanted to know if they'd be useful in my situation, sorry if I was rude.
Oh, I misunderstood, my bad. Apologies :P
It's fine.