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This Bulbapedia article mentions "single-color Pokeblocks", which I don't understand because I thought each Pokeblock has exactly one color. How can a Pokeblock not be single-color? Or is it supposed to say "single-flavor Pokeblocks"?

Also, the article says that if I use a feeder to encounter a Pokemon, and I throw a Pokeblock that's the same color as the one in the feeder, then the wild Pokemon might not be enthralled. How is this possible?

Because Red, Blue, and Green Pokeblocks were used as an example, and they each have only one flavor, I'd think that it was meant to say "single-flavor Pokeblocks".
As for your other question, where do you see that in the page?
If it has a catch rate below 165, throw a Pokéblock with the **same color as the one in the feeder** (e.g., Red).
If the Pokémon **ignored** the Pokéblock, throw the third color Pokéblock (e.g., Green) (escape factor = 0), then throw Safari Balls.
If the Pokémon is **curious**, throw the same Pokéblock again (escape factor = 0), then throw Safari Balls.

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