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I need to reset my Pokemons base stats but getting a reset bag takes too long and I do not know what else to do.

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The Perilous Soup removes all the effort values.

Go to the Juice Shoppe in Lumiose and mix a Kee and Maranga Berry to get one.


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Unfortunately, outside of using EV reducing Berries, which take long, a Reset Bag is your only option. The EV Berries reduce 10 EVs at a time, so you will need a large quantity of them to actually revert the stats.

More on EV reducing Berries & other EV related things

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mewrader do you know how to get these berries?
Some you find in random places (routes, caves), some by playing the balloon popping game here- (if you dont have an account, make one) and some from battling Psychic Inver on route 18.
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Revised here:-

Each berry (reduces a stat by 10 points with each use)

HP = Pomeg Berry
Attack = Kelpsy Berry
Defense = Qualot Berry
Special Attack = Hondew Berry
Special Defense = Grepa Berry
Speed = Tamato Berry

As for the Reset bags - here's a tip

Scroll over to super training and then delete all the bags. Leave the ds somewhere (on still) and still on the same page of super training for about 30 minutes. Once you've come back later you'll have a full slot of 12 bags and possibly a few reset bags.

Apologies for my grammer in sentencing.

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Sadly there is no easier way, BUT I do have a tip for getting reset bags! When a Pokémon is happy in Super training, just punch the grey nothing bag and it gets you bags, and a MUCH better chance at getting a reset bag!

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