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So I accidentally Put a couple of unwanted EV's in my Pokemon, and was wondering where I would get a reset bag. I'm assuming it's just through regular super training, but I haven't found one yet.


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To obtain a Reset Bag in Pokémon X and Y, all you have to do is go to your Super Training Game, on the Home Screen and punch the Default Bag with your Pokémon. After you punch it several times a Random Bag will drop, this could be the Reset Bag or a Bag that will increase the EV's in one of your Stats. You won't get the Reset Bag every time, so if you don't get it first time keep punching the bag until you eventually get a Reset Bag.

If you want more help getting a Reset Bag, check out this video here.

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Yon can get a Reset Bag by tapping the bag in the main Super Training screen with the graph showing your EVs. You won't get one every time though, so remember to be patient!

By doing the training regimens, you won't get a Reset Bag. You'll just get a bag that increases your EVs in the stat you were training.

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Apparently, it's found at random. So, keep punching the stuffing out of those bags, and you'll get an award. :3

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