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So, if I do, say Rio's story, and then I finish it. After that I do Ayan's story, I finish that too. Well, what if while doing Rio's story I wanted to evolve Rio's Phanphy into Donphan, and get it to 100% link, as it is the perfect link, and so I upgraded all the kingdoms to pass time? Would it still be that way when I do the story again?

1. All kingdoms revert back to lowest level of facilities when you start a new chapter, including replaying ones you already have finished.
2. Link % resets to a low %, however, evolved Pokemon stay evolved.

Source: Personal playthrough.
Y U no answer?
they stay evolved and linked and your people stay evolved too only if you do a battle with them after they evolve.  if say, hideyoshi evolves after beating his story like he did for me you will still have to evolve him again because it only saves their states after you battle with them.

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Well like Machalite said
1. All kingdoms revert to lowest facalities when you start a new chapter including replaying ones you already finished
2.link % resets to a low link % however evolved Pokemon hope I helped P.S. All credit goes to Machalite

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