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Or will they name the titles continuously with Materials and Colors?
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Both answers were pretty good.
They will make either Pokemon Z or Pokemon X2 and Y2.

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Only GameFreak can say, but.. probably not. Why? Because they often change the theme with each generation. Like, Gen. 1 had colors as the theme, but Gen. 2 had Metals.
So when Gen. 7 comes out, they will probably change the theme to something other than the alphabet, because the alphabet was Gen. 6's theme.

Just a note seen as this has been brought back up: x and y both represent male and female chromosomes. Its all linked into DNA hence why the logo has a DNA helix. Because of this I doubt we will see an A or a B. I can't even see a Z as a spin off because it has little to do with genetics. We are more likely to see an x and y 2. As for gen 7 IDK. I can see them making one more but quite honestly I would rather just have like a perfect game (ability to cross regions ect) with all gens of Pokemon. Smogons CAP Pokemon also need to be introduced :P
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What are you talking about? Pokemon X and Y? and the fan-predicted Z?
Possibly, but it's unlikely.
Not to mention, B for Black? Black/White/Black2/White2?
We're not sure yet, it's a little to early to be asking questions like this. It's all up to Gamefreak.

For future reference, try and be as specific as possible when asking questions and answering them. It's kinda difficult to understand what you're asking.

But if I understand it correctly,
I would not bet that Nintendo will make a Pokemon A and B. It doesn't follow the pattern that Gamefreak has laid out. It's too early to tell what they'll do, we haven't even gotten the evolutions for the starters yet. Just wait and see.


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