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Ok, so I've been running around on route 10 ( Don't ask why XD ) and I've encountered Zapdos multiple times. Is it because Zapdos appears more often there?


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I'm assuming this is for Pokemon x and y if so then:-

Does Zapdos appear more often at certain places? = Yes and no!

This Pokemon will be encountered a limitless amount of times unless you follow it (12x required) and then capture the legendary Pokemon at Sea Spirit’s Den.

Here's How:-

Catching one of the Legendary Birds

  1. Beat the Elite Four and Pokemon League Champion and play through the end until the game resets and you appear back at your home.
  2. There isn’t much you can do besides roam around all of Kalos at this point. Eventually you will come across whichever of the three Legendary Birds that you can catch based on your starter. At this point, that Pokemon will run away before the battle even starts. The only thing you do is throw out your Pokemon to fight and the bird instantly flees. You cannot use Mean Look or anything to prevent this as the battle never happens.
  3. Now said Legendary Bird will be located in your Pokedex. Now you can track it just like the three dogs in Pokemon Gold and Silver, and multiple other Pokemon games. Once you find the bird it will flee just as before. I highly recommend buying a bunch of Max Repels and using them once you are in the area where the Pokemon is located. Also make sure to have a Pokemon around level 70 as the first Pokemon in your party if you can. Also, do not use Fly whatever you do as it will move everytime you use it.
  4. Now repeat this around 10 times until the Legendary Bird stops moving and is permanently located at the Sea Spirit’s Den.
  5. Fly to Coumarine City and take the monorail to the seaside part of the city.
  6. Now head west of town to Route 12. Now use Surf in the water and start heading north until you reach Azure Bay. Now head west until you are once again able to surf north. Keep moving north, while moving either east or west to avoid land or a rock formation.
  7. Eventually you will reach a cave that is the Sea Spirit’s Den.
  9. Enter the Sea Spirit’s Den and walk forward. Moltres/Articuno/Zapdos will fly down to begin the battle.

Experience and SOURCE

Hope I Helped Out!

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What do u mean by limitless amount of times?
You can encounter it like 1000x but until you meet it directly at different places 12x it then flies off to the sea spirits den.
Yeah... I knew the saving part... I have a little bit of experience with catching legendaries xD