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Assuming I beat the game, picked the right started etc.


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No. Once you encounter them once, you can open your Pokédex and look inside the location data you will see where it is, and track them from their.
After you meet it 12 times, it will rest at the Sea Spirit's Den.

EDIT) So I never explain why I say No. From Personally Experience and from Recent Research, If Zapdos is on the route your on, it should be the first Pokémon you encounter.

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When you and Zapdos are in the same location, will static help you find it faster?
Yeah but you always need to look like 10 times. Then it goes to a different route before it’s encountered.
In all the games I've played, regular wild Pokemon can appear before I find roaming Pokemon. Are you sure it's different in XY?
This definitely isn’t so, as the recommended method for farming it involves using max repels. Also I’ve been on route with Zapdos, failed to encounter is and it switched routes.