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I'm looking for a shiny Zapdos with static because Medicham is annoying and non shiny Zapdos looks like butter that's way past its expiration date, the color scheme anyway. So, are the event Zapdos in gen 6 shiny locked since those seem to be the easiest way to get ha Zapdos? If they are, what are other methods to get static Zapdos that can be shiny in all the main series games?


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Unfortunately, as stated
Here, most event Pokemon are shiny locked. That likely includes Zapdos. Now, there is still one way to get a static shiny, through very difficult. All Pokémon transferred via Pokebank from gen 1 will have hidden abilities, so gen 1 is the place to go. In gems 1 and 2, shininess is determined by DVs, so in theory, if you got a Pokémon in gen 1 with the right DVs, and transferred it up, it would be shiny. This only works for static encounters, chain fishing, in-game trades, and game corner Pokémon. For more information on this, look at this:

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That sucks. No way am I gonna play the old games for a single pokemon. Thanks
No problem!