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I bought one from the battle Maison and I don't know what to do with it. Help?

I noticed on your site you got 20 points and cannot reply just yet so I thought i'd mention if you need ability capsules then message me cause I've got tonne's of them. Reply back (they're free) :)

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It changes the ability of a Pokemon which has 2 abilities to its other ability.
eg: You can give an Ability Capsule to a Frisk Noivern and change its ability to Infiltrator. But you can not get Telepathy however much you try.
And neither can you get frisk/infiltrator from telepathy.

Because, sadly this DOES NOT WORK with hidden abilities.

Hope I helped :)
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Ability Capsules changes your Pokemons normal abilities around, DOESN'T WORK for hidden abilities mind, at all!


Kangaskhan has 3x abilities

Scrappy (Normal)
Early Bird (Normal)
Inner Focus (Hidden Ability)

Kangaskhan is found here<<<<<

Only normal abilities can be changed back and forth but not hidden ability. That stays the same (sadly).

Hope I Helped.

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