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I looked it up on bulbapedia, couldn't find anythin' about hackmons. So anyway, if you hack a Pokemon, say.. Sewaddle, and give it an illegal ability, say.. Insomnia, can you use the ability capsule to change the ability?

This is a good q.
I would use Showdown to test, but Idk if it justifies as Hacks in the real game.

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No, the Pokémon's ability would not change, even if the Ability Capsule is used. Since that Pokémon has a Hacked ability, as far as the game is concerned, that Ability has the same property as a Hidden Ability. This means that the ability can not change if an Ability Capsule is used, because Ability Capsules do not change Hidden Abilities.

Source: Deductive reasoning and a test by a friend.

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thanks! now I know that mold breaker and other abilities like it are the only way to help Sewaddle in my flipnote animation