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i have been using the "select Pokemon" tab on pokegts to get perfect iv's and hidden ability gen1 pokes. when I look at their summary in the pc it says they came from kanto or sinnoh and from years 2007-2009 but they all have their hidden abilities, even though it wasnt introduced back then. my questuion is will these pokes still be accepted through pokebank? also on the "select Pokemon" tab does the personalit input box have anything to do with this?

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just bought pokebank to test it out so far out of 1 box only a defiant farfetch'd wasnt able to go through. the Fafetch'd was from sinnoh lvl28 with moves aerialace slash aircutter and swords dance

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It really depends. Some hacked/ genned Pokemon have been able to pass through Pokebank, so no one really knows what checks they put in place.

In your case, I think it might struggle since it's pretty obvious that no Pokemon before Gen V could have its hidden ability, but really with Pokebank, you never know until you try.

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It may not make it through PokeBank.

This is because in 2007-2009, Black and White were not released and therefore Hidden Abilities were not released. Also, there are no Kanto or Sinnoh games with the Hidden Abilities, so there is a good chance the Pokemon will receive a red flag.

Of course, it's a possibility that it can get through if the legitimacy checker as it may not pay attention to the year it was received or the region it came from, but chances are it would. Sorry. :(

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