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If a Pokemon has 2 HA's could breeding have a chance of giving the child pkmn the other HA? If so what is the chance? If not how is there a way to get other HA?


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No Pokemon has two hidden abilities, so this question is unanswerable.

I assume you looked at the page on this site for Zapdos, Scolipede, or Chandelure and saw they had 2 hidden abilities. That isn't quite how it works, though. Those Pokemon had their hidden ability changed in Gen VI. In Gen V they had a hidden ability (although Zapdos and Chandelure were illegal with it), but when Pokemon with those HA's were transferred over to Gen VI, that ability would have been changed to the new one. So, to take Scolipede as an example. In Gen V it got Quick Feet as its HA, but in Gen VI it has Speed Boost.

So to answer your question, what you are describing is impossible, since no Pokemon have 2 HA's in the same generation.

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