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how can you get this, and what is this friends safari? I want a quagsire, a bulbasaur and a politoed with hidden ability but none of these are found in hordes


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The Friend Safari is the new, inquisitive version of the Safari Zone in Kiloude City.
Pokemon found in the Friend Safari have a chance of inheriting their Hidden Ability.

Poliwhirl can be found in the Friend Safari, with the possible hidden ability Swift Swim. When it evolves into Politoed, it will have the Drizzle ability.

Quagsire can be found in the Friend Safari, with the hidden ability Unaware.

Ivysaur can be found in the Friend Safari, and you can breed to get a Chlorophyll Bulabsaur. If the Ivysaur you catch is female, you can breed it with normal breeding circumstances and the offspring will have the ability. If the Ivysaur you obtain is male, you will have to breed it with a Ditto if you want even a small chance for the offspring to have the ability. To be safe, catch a female Ivysaur.

So, yeah. If you want to read more about the Friend Safari, click here.

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Source: Serebii

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thanks! you are so detailed. this is the first game i am playing competive, so i am trying to build a balanced team built on weather. shall i go with sun or rain?
Lol, I know nothing about competitive battling. xD
You can ask another question if you want, or of course, look up another question. :)
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