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I am new to this site, and have spotted something rather odd. I have found a murkrow with it's hidden ability prankster through normal play in x version.
Does this happen rarely or has my game glitched somehow??
Please respond, even if this is something really simple i've just missed....


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Was the Murkrow from a horde encounter? Sometimes Pokemon in horde encounters will have their hidden ability. Pokemon from the Friend Safari can as well, but since you say it was in normal play, I assume that isn't the reason.

Whoa, hordes can have hidden abilities? That's awesome!
Ah that explains it, it was. I was just really confused since that mechanic wasn't explained.
Thank you, i'm really happy it has moxie as it's ability, though I wish I would have EV trained it since now that I know there are only 2 dusk stones in the game....
It's okay if it has mixed EV's, if you just keep hitting the blank punching bag on Super Training, you have a chance of finding a Reset Bag, which removes all the EV's and allows you to know specially train your murkrow.