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On GBA games like pokemon emeral/fire red leaf green...
how did the events happen its not like there was wifi connection back then


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You had to go to a certain place where they would hold the event, then they would have GBA`s that had the event pokemon on.Then they would trade it to you.How they get the event pokemon on? I have no clue. I just know all this because my friend went to a GBA event.

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I went to a Nintendo event during a trip to New York in 2004. I brought my copy of Pokemon Ruby with me to play, and, while walking through the Nintendo Centre, saw an event station. You hook it up to a machine similarly to if you were trading to a friend.

The machine was basically a self-controlled GBA, and when you turned on the game with this connected, you would go through a phase similar to that of a trade, except only half of the animation is shown, since you don't have to trade anything yourself.

The machines might've changed around a little through the GBA years, but at that time, that's how it worked. =]