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For example: Blastoise, Shuckle and Torkoal are all turtle based Pokemon.
Breloom, Amoongus and Paras are all mushroom Pokemon.

there are alot more turtle and mushroom Pokemon and there are also alot more groups like birds, flowers, inanimate objects etc.

So I want someone to make a list of every group of Pokemon and the Pokemon that are in them. (it's probably going to be a while until someone answers this but I can wait)

FYI I asked because I want to make competitive teams from Pokemon of the same group.

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U forgot SlowBro? U don't forget a bro like that
Yes, Slowbro, of course! He is the leader! Slow - Bro! Sloth - Brotherhood!
Entei Raikou Suicune Arcanine dogs. Eevee and co liepard cats
Akely those are related by evolution and legendary trio, they dont count
Entei, Raikou and Suicuine are cats, not dogs. >.> Entei is a lion, Raikou is a tiger,(oh my!) and Suicune is a leopard.

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Not complete, I'm gonna add more later on. feel free to suggest changes, but please don't go like "LUCARIO IS A JACKAL!!!" or "WATT DE FUKK, ABSOL IS A DOG AYAYYAYA" because no one cares. if you want to add more or fix errors, just copy paste the paste bin, make a new one with suggested changes and post them on the comment felt so that I can add it.
I chose to not add the eevelutions as its hard to tell if they are based on dogs cats or foxes
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Well done sir.
I don't know how to edit the thing on the link.
Copy paste to another pastebin
WATT DE FUKK, LUCARIO IS NOT A JACKAL. If anything, he's a ninja cat. :P
Yeah no, jackal is decent enough imo